apartments for metropolitans

Akelius is a long-term investor in residential real estate.
Akelius puts safety first and invests in properties with the ability to create stable,
growing rental income.

Akelius, cities

Akelius targets metropolitan cities with a soul in Europe and North America.
A metropolitan city with a soul is a cultural, intellectual, political and economic centre which offers a high quality of life.

The high standard of living combined with a wide range of possibilities,
attracts an increasing number of people throughout the business cycle.

Akelius’ fifty thousand apartments are located in thirteen metropolitan cities,
EUR 12 billion in property fair value.

fair value per metropolitan area

fair value per metropolitan area, percent

walk score

More than ever,
“walkability” has become a key factor in the process of selecting a home.
People value neighbourhoods where they can walk to stores, schools, work and public transportation.

In coming decades,
we will move away from cars and invest in public transportation and bike lanes.
Walkability is key.

A high walk score indicates low risk for vacancies and high possibility for growth in income. 
As metropolitan cities grow,
the demand for centrally located apartments increases.
Akelius has an average walk score of 88.

walk score  
90-100 walker’s paradise
70-90 very walkable
50-70 somewhat walkable
25-50 car dependent
0-25 very car dependent


Akelius’ tenants live in very walkable neighborhoods.
walk score per city
walk score
walk score
walk score
walk score


Akelius invests in the prime, mid and entry segments.
Akelius avoids properties with higher risk.

portfolio segmentations, percent
prime, Samariterstraße, Berlin
prime, Washington Avenue, New York
prime, Katarina Bangata, Stockholm
mid, Horner Rampe, Hamburg
mid, Avenue Road, London
mid, Kingston Road, Toronto
entry, Neustrelitzer Straße, Berlin
entry, Leesburg Pike, Washington
entry, Björnvägen, Stockholm
New York